From 13 february till 22 march I had an exhibition together with Dennis de Bel at Medialab Enchede titled Soundtrack. For this occasion we made 2 new works together which are:


This installation, made up of 2 mobile beamers and a camera, results in a very interesting interaction between beamer and visitor. The visitor sees himself getting trapped in a feedback reaction, he can escape this by moving towards the beamers. The beamers react to the presence of the visitor by moving away, like this the visitor can move the beamers phisically out of the view area of the camera and escape the feedback reaction.

Two indepently developped software applications that feed eachother with a simple audio signal. The image of one applaction generates sound which result with the other application in image. This image then also generates sound and is send back to the first application which generates the image there.

The other works exhibited were the Scared Chair by Erik Overmeire and Fourgan by Dennis de Bel.