Erik Overmeire is a media artist who explores how machines, such as computers or robots can perceive and interact with the world. Instead of asking people to participate in his interactive work he looks at ways how the machines are able to participate in humans’ world.

In his practice Erik utilises tools such as openCV and the Kinect to create software that attempts to interpret the surrounding physical world of its location.

While studying at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam he self-taught himself the basics of computers programming and building electronics, so that aside being a media artist he also became a creative coder. Erik worked and collaborated with institutions like Worm (Rotterdam) and Baltan Laboratories (Eindhoven) and artists such as Geert Mul among many others.



I am a media artist exploring the area of the machine as an extension of a human – a space and no-space between man and machine – and as a separate conscious being and the tensions between the two.
As machines become smaller and more adaptable to the human body, the space between what is human and what is machine keeps diminishing. On the other hand machines have greater complexity and like humans they slowly engage senses – they can  see, listen, hear, talk and even smell. The borders between what is a human being and machine being are becoming more and more blurred
By applying robotics and creative coding in my practice, I attempt to put this blurred space between human and machine in context and perspective and thus question an expansion of human perception and relation with the machine, and machine with a human.
In my work I engage writing code for generative visuals and sound, vision systems, feedback loop interaction and play with the concept of primitive form of consciousness and self-consciousness.