What if we can see and hear what plants and microorganisms “talk about” ? what if we can pick up their whispers – signals generated as the response to stimuli coming from the environment and make them audio – visual? By using latest sensory technologies, we explore how local flora and fauna reacts to various outputs from their immediate environment and through visuals generated from real time data of their reactions we will give them a voice!


The world is a place full of beautiful nature, quite often that nature goes amiss in the urban environments. But everywhere there is myriad of colors and scents of trees, flowers, bushes and various creatures which live in the water – all are an eye candy and almost a total sensory experience. However what we also would like to know and show is what is going on the nano-level in those beautiful living entities? Or in another world we would like to add to the outer beauty of a city nature and make visible that, which is normally invisible, and thus make the experience of nature even deeper. Plants, bacteria and millions of other living entities surrounds us all the time and are vital to our well being. However they exist in such a mode of being that not only many of their behaviour escape human perception, but their presence all together.
“Organic Cinema” tackles the latest scientific findings on intelligence of plants and real time environmental data manifestation. The installation consist of a physical wetlab setup with bespoked electronics (action potential amplifiers, microscope etc) giving a source of the audio-visual projections, where viewers can experience invisible vital signals rendered and enlarged of by these electronics.


“Organic Cinema v 1.1” is a very first attempt to look deeper into invisible whisper of what nature can tell us and about an attempt to translate that to something which we can interpret, understand and hopefully to which we can respond. It is a beginning of research and creative journey by WorldWilderLab – a collaboration of three artists: Ivan Henriques, Kasia Molga and Erik Overmeire.


In May 2013 Organic Cinema v1.1 was presented at Pixelache Festival in Helsinki, Finland