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“ENTROPY” is a participatory interactive space and object-based installation, where what is normally perceived as “digital” and “virtual” entity is transferred to the “real” and “analogue” so that viewers can play with real time data visualisation at the same time influencing that data.
“ENTROPY” corresponds to the concept of production, emission and consumption of heat (and thus energy) in “ordered” and “un-ordered” manner (corresponding to the definition of the entropy phenomena). Through that the installation questions issues of production and consumption of energy and its emission and transmission and the human relation to a concept of energy on global and very intimate level. It involves real time data visualisations aimed to provide in such a way so that viewers can have an intimate, tangible and tactile relation/interaction with something as abstract as data. As such it also explores data (as real time feeds) as an independent force making the artwork alive. It also plays with mixing “digital” and “virtual” making it tangible in “analogue” and “real” space.
Audience enters the embedded within the exhibition setting. The interaction is natural and unexpected, and the main agent between data visualisation and a viewer is a simple everyday object mostly associated with energy – a light bulb. By interacting with it – moving closer or touching it with a hand, the energy in a form of on-body projection mapping is transmitted onto a viewer – so that a data is “placed”on a viewer making her/him a carrier/transmitter of it. The “energy” then can be transmitted between one person and another as well as spilled in the environment.
The real time data feeds is from a number of hacked data sources (for “global energy”) and from the arduino sensors placed within the exhibition space. Through the choice of technology live feeds come to “live” being picked up, spread/transmitted around by viewers, making them partially responsible for that data and thus their own experience.
“ENTROPY” takes the act of interaction with that data and motion based mapping – which not only happens on moving objects, but can be transferred from one object to the other – so that new interpretations, meanings can be created and perception of the world can be transformed.

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/*—————————Kasia Molga (PL/UK)—————————*/

Kasia Molga is a media artist whose practice is concerned with changes in our perception and relationship with the planet in the increasingly technologically mediated world. She deals with real time environment (and not only) data visualisation – where the data becomes a pretext, motor and platform behind the work.
She look at the various aspects of real time data manifestation and representation, so that first of all it can be represented not as just an infographic, but as a mean of communication of the entities it is taken from, thus giving a beginning to a dialogue between viewer and that entity. She does that by making interactive, participatory art installations, where a viewer is responsible for his/her own experience and thus the experience of others, while the existence of the art installation depends on the real time data feeds and signals, and real time data forms the behaviour of the viewer.
In her work she reaches out to networked, geo-locative and sensory technologies in order to explore diverse aspects of transmitting, visualising and sharing real time data whilst striving to promote the appropriation of new technologies within the disciplines of art and science.
She has exhibited among others: Ars Electronica 2012 (Linz, Austria), TRANSNATURAL (NL), Meta.Morf (NO), ISEA (Istanbul, Turkey), Translife Media Arts Triennial (Beijing, China), MIS (Sao Paulo, BR), Dutch Design Week (NL), MOMA (NY).
Kasia is a funding member of Protei Collective, holds MA in Interdisciplinary Design Studies (Central Saint Martin College of Arts and Design), previously studying Art and Animation (Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland). She guest lectures, present at conferences and publish papers regularly.

/*—————————Erik Overmeire (NL)—————————*/

Erik Overmeire is a media artist working with robotics and virtual intelligence that expand into the physical realm, machine-human-interaction. He connects his screen-based work with his work in physical world, so that the line between virtual and physical reality disappears.
He explore the area of the machine as an extension of a human – a space and no-space between man and machine – and as a separate conscious being and the tensions between the two. He places this blurred space between human and machine in context and perspective and thus question an expansion of human perception and relation with the machine, and machine with a human. He often writes and apply code for generative visuals and sound, vision systems, feedback loop interaction and that way he plays with the concept of primitive form of consciousness and self-consciousness.
In his work he utilises and hacks tools such as openCV, wide arrays of electronics (arduinos, environmental sensors), Kinect camera which then he innovatively applies into his artworks.
He holds BA from Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and he worked and collaborated with institutions like Worm (Rotterdam) and Baltan Laboratories (Eindhoven) and artists such as Geert Mul among many others.

CV’s | Rencontres Internationales

/*—————————Kasia Molga—————————*/

V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media
Invisible Dust
World Wilder Lab
World Wilder Web
MA at Central Saint Martin College of Arts and Design, London, Interdisciplinary Design Studies
BA at Central Saint Martin College of Arts and Design, London, Fine Art: Film & Video
Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland, Department of Fine Arts and Design, Specialization: Multimedia and Animation
2013 Principle Lecturer and Program Leader at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Faculty of Design Innovation (BA)
2012 Senior Lecturer in Character Animation, Bournemouth University
2010 – 2011 Module Leader at the Computer Animation Msc course, British Institute of Technology and Ecommerce
2009 – 2011 Senior Lecturer at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Department of Design Innovation (BA)
2003-2005 Lecturer at University of Greenwich, Deparment of Graphic and Digital Design (BA)
2002 – 2004 Lecturer at Westminster Kingsway College, Print Design and Animation, AS Levels.
2013 WELCOME TRUST AWARD from Invisible Heat initiative
2013 ISIS ARTS: shortlisted for residency for research on real time environmental data visualisation
2012 ODI Institute – Shortlisted to a Data Visualisation Prize
2012 PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA – Honorary Mention in Hybrid Arts Category for “Protei” and “Oil Compass”
2011 ISIS Arts – shortlisted for residency for “Oil Compass”
2011 MADE nomination for “Layers of Frozen Shadow” proposal (with Camille Baker)
2010 Clear Channel Awards Nomination for “Floresta”
2010 Arts Council and Cultural Olympiad Grant for “Punch and Judy” interactive application for BBC Big Screens
2009 Arts Council Grants for Arts for Mirror of Infinity 3.0 and its exhibition in Tower Hamlets of London
2009 British Council Grant for exhibition of Floresta in Mobilfest festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil
2008 Nominated to B.tween08 awards for the best interactive artwork
2005 Nominated to DMA05 award for the achievements in promoting British music via internet digital art
2013 “ORGANIC CINEMA”, V&A Musuem, London, UK
2013 “ENTROPY”, FILE FESTIVAL 2013, Sao Paulo, Brazil,
2013 “ORGANIC CINEMA”, Pixelache Festival, Helsinki, Finland
2012 “OIl COMPASS”, Dutch Design Week 2012, Eidhoven, NL
2012 “OIl COMPASS”, META.MORF 2012, Trondheim, Norway
2012 “THE…”, FUTURE EVERYTHING, Manchester, UK
2012 ”THE…”, FIBER Festival, Amsterdam, NL
2012 “Oil Compass”, ARCO Madrid, Spain
2011 “THE…”, SHIFT Festival, Basel, Switzerland
2011 “Oil Compass”, Sabanci Centre at ISEA, Istanbul, Turkey
2011 “Oil Compass”, Witte de With Festival, Rotterdam, NL
2011 “Oil Compass”, V2_ Summer Sessions, Rotterdam, NL
2011 “Oil Compass”, Museum of National Arts, Beijing, China
2011 “Postcards from Wanderings”, Bannister Gallery, Providence, USA
2010 “Unrulyscapes”, To & For Gallery, London
2010 “Serendipitious Pieces”, MOMA, New York, USA, (Sander Veenhof AR exhibition curation)
2010 “Mirror of Infinity 3.0″, Shoreditch Town Hall, “Illumini Festival”, London, UK
2010 “Punch and Judy”, Glastonbury, BBC Big Screens, UK
2010 “Floresta”, PUC Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2010 “Mirror of Infinity 3.0“, Idea Store Canary Wharf & Chrisp Street, London, solo show
2010 “Peregrinations”, Idea Store White Chapel, London, solo show
2009 ”Serendipitous Pieces”, solo show, 4M Group Gallery”, London,
2009 “Floresta”, MIS, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2009 “10 Seconds of Silence”, Frieze Art Fair, London, UK
2008 “Serendipitous Pieces”, 4M Group Gallery”, London, UK – solo exhibition
2008 “Breaking News”, “B.tween08″ festival, Museum of Science, Manchester, UK
2008 “Breaking News”, FILMobile festival, West London Gallery, London, UK
2008 “Mirror of Infinity”, GLAM, HMS President, London, UK
2007 “Mirror of Infinity”, “EVA” Conference, LCC, London, UK
2007 “Se(a)men”,Was Manner brauchen, Galerie M, Berlin
2007 “Thinking of You”, Yayoi Museum, Tokyo, Japn
2006 “Mirror of Infinity v1.0″,BIGOS, Polish-English Manifestation, Foundry, London, UK
2006 “Keep The Sun Shining”, Creative Links Festival, Truman Brewery, London
2006 “Darling, Can we get out of here?”, Contemporary Art Space Osaka, Art Poses Festival, Osaka, Japan – International Biennale of Modern Art
2005 “Mirror of Infinity v1.0″, Oxo Tower Gallery, London, UK
2005 “1o Seconds of Emoticons”, Frankly Festival, Gallery “Fizek”, Poznan, Poland
2004 “10 Seconds of Silence”, International Biennale of Modern Art, Contemporary Art Space Osaka, Osaka, Japan
2001 “The Mistake”, BBC British Short Film Festival, London , UK
2001 ”The Orchids’ Impression”, London Fashion Week, London, UK
2001 “The Mistake”, Candid Art Trust, London, UK
2001 “The Mistake”, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, UK
1. Real Time Data Visualisation – looking at ways to transmit, gather and visualise real time data, in particular environmental data and its apply it in visual art practice – as a condition for artwork to exist and to find out new meanings and ways of conveying them through that artwork. In particular I am interested in negotiations between a viewer and a real time data, placing viewer as a source and receiver of a data, so that the transaction can happen; how to make the dry real time information feeds more tangible, playful and interesting to people; how to transform a real time data into a visualisation – a language for various things/species/entities as a tool of communication – with humans or even in between themselves….
2. OceanAwe – set up with former members of Protei Collective – a community supporting projects which address issues of state of Earth’s oceans.
3. WorldWilderLab – set up with fellow artists Erik Overmeire and Ivan Henriques – exploring within artistic realm scientific research and discovery about intelligence of plants
Digital Public Spaces
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EVA London 2007
Conference Proceedings
“Wireless Art: the Possibilities of Application of Mobile Communication Media to a Modern, Visual Art Practice and as a Medium of Expression”
Molga, K. et al.
2007. London, UK: London College of Communication, p.16.1
2013 “Organic Cinema – Manifestation of Real Time Environmental Data from Living Organisms”; Pixelache Conference Helsinki, Finland
2013 “My Practice: on intersection of art./science and technology”; Kings College, Wellcome Trust Artists and Scientists Day, London
2013 “Digital Public Spaces”; Royal College of Arts, London, 2013
2013 “Creative Coding as Art Practice”; Brunel University, London, 2013
2013 “Conscious Designer”; Brunel University, London 2013
2012 “Protei/Oil Compass Collaborative Practice”; Meta.Morf Conference, Trondheim, NO
2012 “Umwelt! Get me out of here!”; Guest Lecture at Limkokwing University, London, UK
2012 “Umwelt! Get me out of here!”; Guest Lecture at UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, BR
2012 “Umwelt! Get me out of here!”; Keynote at CIGAC Conference, University of Campinos Grande, Sousa, Paraiba, BR
2011 “Protei, Oil Compass. On intersection of art, design, science, mobile tech and marine engineering”; Cultura Digital Festival, Museum of Modern Arts, Rio de Janeiro, Br.
2011 “Investigating the Notion of Art 2.0″ (with Sander Veenhof); Conference Presentation, Re:Wire Conference, FACT, Liverpool, UK.
2011 “Investigating the Notion of Art 2.0″ (with Sander Veenhof); Conference Presentation, ISEA 2011, Sabanci Centre, Istanbul, Turkey.
2011 “Oil Compass – work in progress”; Summer Sessions, V2_ Institute of the Unstable Media, Rotterdam, NL.
2010 “Investigating the Notion of Art 2.0″ (with Sander Veenhof); Conference Presentation, CHArt conference 2010, British Computer Society, London, UK.
2010 “Wondering Between Paint and the Data”; Conference Presentation, Mobilefest, PUC University, Rio de Janeiro
2009 “Between Paint and the Data”; Guest Lecture, University of Kingston, London
2009 “Mobile Phone in Art Practice”; Guest Lecture, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, London, UK
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2008 “The Embodiment of Notion of Interdependence in Digital Arts”; FILMobile Symposium, Westminster University, London, UK
2007 “Wireless Art: the Possibilities of Application of Mobile Communication Media to a Modern, Visual Art Practice and as a Medium of Expression” ;Conference Presentation, EVA Conference, London College of Communication, London, UK
2005 “Emoticons Art” ; Guest Lecture, Central Saint Martin College of Arts and Design, London, UK

/*—————————Erik Overmeire—————————*/

Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Media Design
2011-2012 Moddr_
2013-present World Wilder Lab
2013-present World Wilder Web

2013 “Organic Cinema”, Victoria & Albert Museum, London, United Kingdom

2013 “Entropy”, FILE Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil

2013 “Organic Cinema”, Pixelache Festival, Helsinki, Finland

2012 “8-bit-wave”, Gallery v108, Dordrecht, The Netherlands

2012 “Interrupt”, Fiber festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2011 “8-bit-wave”, Ongekend, Art Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2010 “1 Frame” and “1 Sec”, Ongekend Auction, Roodkapje, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2010 “Baltan Tracker”, “Digitaal” exhibition at BKKC, Tilburg, The Netherlands

2010 “Cambrian Explosion”, Test0 Festival, Zagreb, Croatia

2009 “Soundtrack” exhibition with Dennis de Bel, Medialab Enschede, The Netherlands

2009 “Scared Chair” at Salone Satelite during the Salone del Mobile, Milan, Italy


2013 “international presentations” grant awarded by the Mondriaan Fund in the Netherlands to facilitate the exhibition of “Entropy” during the FILE Festival in Sao Paulo

2012 Developement of the “interactive portrait gallery” software for photographer Frans van Viegen

2012 Redevelopment of MaX-50 for Geert Mul for a performance of Geert Mul and Michel Banabila during soundspectrums at Witte de With in Rotterdam

2011 Developing a xbox kinect based 3d-scanner for the Moddr_/Worm medialab

2011 Developement of concert-registration/streaming/feedback-visuals setup for Worm, Rotterdam

2010 Developing of the MaX-50 vj machine for Geert Mul for a performance of Geert Mul and Michel Banabila at the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam

2009 Development of the BaltanTracker at Baltan Laboratories in Eindhoven

2007 Development of worm.cube for Worm Rotterdam



2012 Genius: A one day invention at TAC, Eindhoven (on invitation of Baltan Laboratories,


2010 basic motiontracking at BKKC in Tilburg

2009 Electronimals at “De Nieuwe Amateur“ in Delft


Technical Rider | Rencontres Internationales

Technical Rider Entropy
1. Darkened floor space – 5 meters x 5 meters and 3 meters high, because of the ceiling projection thats part the work its very important the ceiling will not be higher than 3 meters.
2. There must be a wall on one side of the floor space (or two sides, but there must be a wall and walls must be straight!)
3. Computer: or
– or another brand with the same specifications. Most importantly we need Windows 7, Dedicated graphic card Nvidia with video card similar to ASUS GTX660-DC2T-2GD5, Processor Intel® 3rd generation Core™ i7
4. Beamer – Optoma GT750 x 2. If the space can’t be made darkened, we might need to find higher lumen projector
5. Kinect camera
6. Internet network
7. Triplehead matrox
8. VGA cables
9. USB boost extension cable for Kinect ——> USB 2.0 REPEATER!!!!
10. a box/space to conceal computer
11. Tripod for one beamer
12. Bracket for one beamer
13. We need to be able to hang things from the ceiling – to suspend beamer with kinect and a “lightbulb”