Artist Geert Mul and programmer Erik Overmeire developed the Baltan Tracker, a hardware / software combination for motion tracking of persons in a space. Normally this kind of motion tracking is being done using normal or near-infrared cameras. This is can be problematic due to the fact that any form of incoming light or any kind of object might be mistaken for a ‘person’. The Baltan Tracker uses a thermographic camera, which prevents a lot of these light related misinterpretations because the camera is heat-sensitive. In fact it does not see ‘light’ at all, only infrared radiation (heat).

The BaltanTrackerwas commisioned by Baltan Laboratories.

Erik Overmeire has lead a workshop on 21-10-2010 at BKKC in Tilburg, using the Baltan Tracker as a starting point to explore the use and possibilities of motion tracking for artists.
Erik will explain the basic components of any motion tracker and the max/msp library the participants will be using, and then invite the participants to make a simple work using the motion tracking tools and knowledge they have gained in the workshop.