Photographer Frans van Viegen commisioned me to write a piece of software for him which allowed him to present his work with in an interactive setting.
The software was written with openframeworks and uses a xbox kinect depth camera as image sensor.


During the developement of this project I needed to read metadata from image files, but I could not find any openframeworks addon which could do that. So i made one based on the exiv2 library

3D Scanner

For Moddr_/Worm i developed a kinect based 3d scanner. I used a line laser to point out the points to be scanned and a rotating platform to get a 360 degree scan of an object. It could scan objects of around 20cm x 20cm x 20cm


Artist Geert Mul and programmer Erik Overmeire developed the Baltan Tracker, a hardware / software combination for motion tracking of persons in a space. Normally this kind of motion tracking is being done using normal or near-infrared cameras. This is can be problematic due to the fact that any form of incoming light or any kind of object might be mistaken for a ‘person’. The Baltan Tracker uses a thermographic camera, which prevents a lot of these light related misinterpretations because the camera is heat-sensitive. In fact it does not see ‘light’ at all, only infrared radiation (heat).

The BaltanTrackerwas commisioned by Baltan Laboratories.

Erik Overmeire has lead a workshop on 21-10-2010 at BKKC in Tilburg, using the Baltan Tracker as a starting point to explore the use and possibilities of motion tracking for artists.
Erik will explain the basic components of any motion tracker and the max/msp library the participants will be using, and then invite the participants to make a simple work using the motion tracking tools and knowledge they have gained in the workshop.


The worm.cube is an online game with which you can make music. The interface is a cube which you can turn by either using your mouse or a wii-mote, every side of the cube contains samples of a music genre. By turning the cube and pressing the circle parts you can mix these samples and create music.

The worm.cube was made for Worm in Rotterdam by Huib Piguillet, Jan Trompper, Jasper Pleune, Erik Overmeire and can be found on

morphing machinery

Morphing Machinery was a project for the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival

As part of a group from the Willem de Kooning Academie under supervision of Graham Smith and Rob Dielissen I made the robot that roams the environments