Plants, bacteria and millions of other living entities surround us all the time and are vital to our balanced well-being within the natural environment. However they exist in such a mode of being that not only many of their behaviour escape human perception, but their presence all together. What if we can see and hear what plants and microorganisms “talk about”? What if we can pick up their whispers – signals generated as the response to stimuli coming from the environment and make them audio – visual?
By using the latest sensory technologies, we explore how local flora and fauna reacts to various outputs from their immediate environment and through audio-visuals generated from real time data of their reactions we will give them a voice!

“Organic Cinema” is an interdisciplinary art project inspired and informed by scientific research on intelligence of plants and cutting edge development in the latest sensory technologies aiming to encourage public to have a deeper look at their immediate natural environment (and beyond) – even that invisible one.
“Organic Cinema” is visual, cinematic story told by the most common plants, created by an algorithmic rendition of real time action & variation potential signals. Imagery is developed based on painstakingly taken observations how those signals change in various situation, so that the meaning of these signals can be found and so that it truly enables us to get insight to what “plants talk about”. Although images are made by us, plants through sensors control in which order they are played. It is a “live cinema” in which plants are the “actors” of the cinema, creating a unique and irreplaceable visual work, experience and performance.

Role //

Artist & Creative Coder (with Kasia Molga and Ivan Henriques)

Task //

Co-development of the hardware for data acquisition (PlanEt) and data visualisation software