• Client:Ricardo O'Nascimento
  • Date:2014
  • Category:arduino / android

Tropical Disturbance Remixed is an interactive garment that enables the wearer to remix a song by wearing it in various ways. The garment is connected to a tailor made smart phone application. Each magnetic button, when closed, trigger a track of the song. Depending on how you decide to wear you will listen a diferrent remix of the music. This piece is part of the artist’s investigation of new forms wearable interfaces for digital music.


Popkalab asked me to help develop tropical disturbance remixed. They wanted me to develop it as an android app that would control the garment.
By closing or opening certain buttons on the garment you can turn on or off audio loops, to process these buttons we used an arduino. Via bluetooth it would send the button states to an android app, the app would then play back the audio loops connected to a certain button.