“The Anatomy of Human Breath” looks at the chemical composition of exhaled breath as a response to the air quality. The presence of Nitric Oxide, Oxygen, Carbon Oxide and Hydrogen in various proportions create patterns. “The Anatomy of Human Breath” is a side artwork of “The Human Sensor” and it has been produced as a result of ICT ART award – to investigate the eNO sensors for “The Human Sensor”.
The art installation invite viewers to examine their own breath by blowing into the tube. The data is then analysed by eNO (exhaled Nitric Oxide) and H20 sensors and output into a Processing sketch displaying visuals according to the data.


Together with Kasia Molga we co-developed a data visualisation spread over two screens, showing data from the sensors in bespoke made breath analyser (made by Adrian Godwin) and sent over MQTT. Developed in Processing.

Role //

Creative Coder

Task //

Co-Development the data acquisition and visualisation software.