New fashion technology piece by music producer Newk and fashion designer Maartje Dijkstra designed and created during the Fashion Fusion lab Deutsche Telekom in Berlin.

The sculptural high fashion dress is totally build up out of small fragments (bird skulls), like cells building an organism.The parts are manual 3D printed and after printing all connected together by hand with polyester wires and green leather. The technology part is integrated in a special way- 4 small drones, that have given the same black 3D printed appearance as the dress, fly up from places inside so it looks like parts of the dress are flying away.The drones fly on the beats and melodies of music producer Newk around the model creating a little swarm.


The concept was to enable Newk to send OSC messages and that way control the drones from his DAW, allowing him to choreograph the drones to his music.

Role //

Creative Technologist

Task //

To program the drones in such a way so they could automatically fly based on a tracking system that was supplied by Bitcraze. The tracking system uses the ROS platform.


“TranSwarm Entities” won the 3rd price at T-Mobile fashion Fusion competition in 2017.


Image: Copyright Telekom Fashion Fusion